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Fish and Appetizers – Ice Creams and Donuts

Those who wonder about what to eat in Büyükada will be very surprised when they encounter the rich cuisine of Büyükada...

Büyükada is a place that fascinates its guests with its unique atmosphere, mansions, historical buildings, phaeton sounds and never-ending activity. The smells of food that welcome you as soon as you land on Büyükada also complement this atmosphere. Buyukada restaurants, which welcome those who get hungry on their journey, say, “The sea makes people hungry.” Based on the sentence, they serve different and varied Buyukada dishes to their guests. For this reason, you may find yourself in a restaurant or cafe as soon as you land on the island.

You can encounter Buyukada food not only in restaurants but also in hotels. You can find a variety of appetizers, salads, grilled and meat dishes in the island cuisine, which is shaped by the characteristics of traditional Turkish and Greek cuisine. You will be amazed by the eating and drinking culture of Büyükada.

Feast your stomach with Buyukada Dishes!

If you are going to eat in Büyükada, you can be sure that you will find similar options to the meals you ate in Istanbul. However, you will also taste delicious flavors unique to the island. If you are curious about the dishes and desserts of Büyükada, it will be more advantageous to come to the island in the early hours. After starting the day with an island breakfast, you can explore historical places and natural beauties.

When you come to the island in the morning, if you wish for breakfast, you can buy sweet pastries, tiny bagels and pitas from Büyükada bakeries and eat them with a hot tea at the cafes on the beach, or you can sit at the full breakfast tables in the breakfast places. If you are going to eat lunch and dinner at the island restaurants, you will find options from fish to kebab, from fast food classics to home-cooked meals. However, when you come to Büyükada, you should not forget to taste the famous flavors of the island.

Traditional flavors of Büyükada:

  • Acı Yemeği
  • Bayram Kavurması
  • Ispanak Püresi
  • Lakerda
  • Fasulaki Bombalaki
  • Zeytinyağlı Enginar
  • Asma Yaprağında Sardalya
  • Soya Soslu Balık Salatası
  • Kabak Kızartma
  • Çiroz Salatası
  • Balık Çorbası
  • Kavurma Balık
  • Soya Soslu Balık Salatası
  • Izgara Köfte
  • Zeytinyağlı Dolma
  • Portakallı Pırasa

You will get to know the island closely with these dishes, which are carefully prepared by almost all Büyükada restaurants. You will feel yourself in a seaside town in the Aegean and enjoy the island food against the view.

Eat Fish in Buyukada!

There is no need to think too much about what to eat in Büyükada. The answer we get will be fish. Since Büyükada is famous for its fish and appetizers, one of the delicacies you should definitely taste on the island is the one most suitable for your palate among a variety of fish.

Thanks to the Büyükada fish restaurants that you can choose for dinner, you will have the opportunity to taste fresh fish and appetizers with the sunset view and live music. The most beautiful fish and appetizers of Büyükada, which will answer your question of what to eat in Büyükada:

  • Çipura
  • Levrek
  • Lüfer
  • Pisi
  • Deniz Çipurası
  • Kalkan Balığı
  • Lagos
  • Lipsoz
  • Tekir
  • Jumbo Karides
  • Mercan
  • Kırlangıç
  • Levrek Marine
  • Midye
  • Acılı Ezme
  • Deniz Börülce
  • Enginar
  • Lahana Sarması
  • Lakerda
  • Ahtapot Salatası
  • Karides Salatası
  • Pilaki
  • Patlıcan Salatası
  • Tarama
  • Haydari
  • Semizotu Salatası
  • Humus
  • Midye Tava
  • Kalamar

If you do not want to eat fish, you can find different alternatives, as the food and drink culture of Büyükada has developed satisfactorily. However, as we tell you, Büyükada's taste cannot be enjoyed without eating fish. It will be another pleasure to eat fish as a family, accompanied by pleasant conversations against the sea view.

Breakfast in Büyükada – Island Breakfast is Another!

For those who say what to eat in Buyukada, we recommend breakfast, apart from Buyukada meals. While the breakfast people who welcome their guests on the beach and on the streets of the island prepare hearty breakfast tables, Büyükada patisseries welcome their guests with puff pastry, pastries, pastries with cream and eggplant, and chewing gum cookies.

While we recommend you to start the day with the breakfast places in Büyükada, we would like to point out the flavors you will taste. The best breakfast places in Büyükada:

  • Zahter
  • Zeytinyağı
  • Biberli çökelek
  • Ada böreği
  • Katmer
  • Sobada kızartılmış ekmekler
  • Bazlama ve pişiler
  • Güveçte sucuk
  • Güveçte köy peyniri
  • Sigara böreği
  • Patates kızartması
  • Peynir ve zeytin çeşitleri
  • Tereyağı, bal, kaymak
  • Acılı ezme
  • Manda kaymağı
  • Çilek, gül, böğürtlen, ahududu, kayısı, vişne reçelleri
  • Kızılcık ve kuşburnu marmelatı
  • Mevsim yeşillikleri ve taptaze çaylar ile sizleri ağırlamaktadır.

You will realize that you eat from the early hours of the morning until the evening, as food is a culture in itself on Büyükada. Donut desserts after breakfast, ice creams after fish will allow you to experience a feast of taste on the island.

Want a Fatigue Coffee?

If you want to have a nice cup of coffee after tasting the delicious Buyukada dishes or when you complete your island tour, you can sit in the cafes in Buyukada square or in the tea gardens by the beach. You can have pleasant conversations with your friends by drinking a hot tea or coffee against the sea view.

Historical Roman Ice Cream

Regardless of summer or winter, everyone who comes to the island has tasted the historical Roman ice cream. You can reward yourself with a large cone of ice cream at the end of your journey or after the Büyükada meals. Do not miss this pleasure that you will never get enough of. You will be happy when you ask what to eat in Büyükada.

Cinnamon Bite Must Have!

Another traditional taste of Büyükada is lokma. When you enter from the street opposite the pier, do not complete your island tour without buying a cinnamon bite from the famous Lokmacı, which is on your left. You will be amazed by this crispy flavor. Buyukada makes a name for itself with its desserts as well as its dishes.

Naturally, you will not be able to taste all the beautiful dishes that you come across in Büyükada. You will even make your own list. There will be delicacies you will keep for your next visit. However, our advice is to enjoy the island both by eating and touring. Change your route to the islands for a pleasant and delicious journey.

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