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Grilled Fish and Fresh Appetizers

When it comes to what to eat in Büyükada, fresh fish and appetizers come to mind first. It has become an island tradition to eat in the restaurants with a view of the fish coming out of the fertile waters of the Marmara Sea, accompanied by pleasant music and pleasant conversations. Guests who come to Büyükada do not return to their homes without visiting the fish restaurants.

After the Büyükada tour, you can taste the most beautiful fish and appetizers of the island, either on the beach or in the restaurant of your hotel. You can get to know the delicious food of the island accompanied by the sunset. The taste of fish and appetizers prepared on the grill or in a casserole will remain on your palate.

You should change your route to fish restaurants during your daily or weekend getaway to the island. If you are going to the island to celebrate your special days or to spend time with your large group of friends, you should definitely reserve your table. Buyukada fish restaurants are full, especially in summer!

Buyukada Fish Pleasure – What You Will Eat What!

You know that eating fish in Büyükada is a culture in itself. When you follow the smells you will smell as soon as you step on the island thanks to the fish restaurants in Büyükada, you will see that your tables equipped with appetizers are waiting for you. Whichever fish you like according to your taste, you will find it on your table in a short time. The next thing is to enjoy the view and the taste.

Buyukada fishes that will answer your question about what to eat in Büyükada:

  • Ada Tekiri
  • Levrek
  • Lüfer
  • Çipura
  • Pisi
  • Deniz Çipurası
  • Kalkan Balığı
  • Lagos
  • Lipsoz
  • Jumbo Karides
  • Mercan
  • Kırlangıç
  • Levrek Marine
  • Midye
  • Hamsi
  • Sarı Kanat
  • Gümüş
  • Böcek – Istakoz
  • Dil Balığı
  • Pavurya
  • Çinekop
  • Eşkina
  • Karagöz
  • Barbun

Buyukada fish restaurants, which also prepare different delicacies such as fish balls, anchovy in brine, grilled squid and shrimp stew, will be waiting for you for raki - fish evenings. You will feel yourself in the Aegean town at the carefully set tables!

Delicious Buyukada Appetizers to Accompany Your Fish

The most important habit from the years when Turkish, Greek, Armenian and Jewish people lived in Büyükada is undoubtedly the preparation of appetizers. All kinds of appetizers, which are the most suitable dishes for raki and fish lovers, are prepared in Büyükada and served to guests. The most famous of them are:

Shrimp pan: It starts with the small prawns dipped in flour without being sorted and then fried in a pan. It is sweetened by pouring raki as much as a coffee cup into the pan.

Crawling: The membranes of hatching fish eggs are removed and mixed with olive oil. After adding lemon juice, it is rested in the refrigerator for a while. It is then served.

Caper Appetizer: Lavash is cut into triangles and dried slightly in the oven. Dried tomatoes are washed and chopped and added to the lavash. The white cheese crumbled into large pieces is placed on the tomato. It is served with capers sprinkled on top, drizzled with pomegranate syrup and extra virgin olive oil.

Bean Pilaki: After the onions and garlic are fried in olive oil, carrots and tomatoes are added. Boiled kidney beans are added and cooked for half an hour. After cooling, it is served garnished with chopped parsley.

Fava: As in every restaurant, Büyükada restaurants also keep fava from their menus. To make fava, it is necessary to pre-soak the dried broad beans. It is then combined with onion, salt, sugar, lemon juice and olive oil to turn into an insatiable flavor.

Lakerda: For lakerda, which can be prepared with bonito and toric fish, first the head and tail parts of the fish are removed and slices of approximately 10 cm are cut. The fish remaining in cold water for half a day are removed and dried, then salted and kept in a cool environment for 10 days. Of course, you cannot find this taste, which is difficult to prepare, in every restaurant.

Haydari: Haydari prepared with garlic, strained yoghurt, grated white cheese, olive oil and some salt is indispensable for every table.

Babagannuş: For this appetizer, eggplant is roasted and mashed after peeling. It is served by adding olive oil with crushed garlic, tahini, lemon juice and yoghurt on it.

Of course, Büyükada appetizers are not limited to the ones we have described. Each fish restaurant creates its own appetizer menu. Among the flavors you will hear are:

  • Acılı Ezme
  • Deniz Börülce
  • Enginar
  • Lahana Sarması
  • Ahtapot Salatası
  • Karides Salatası
  • Patlıcan Salatası
  • Tarama
  • Semizotu Salatası
  • Humus
  • Midye Tava da yer alıyor.

You will also recognize delicious flavors such as stuffed leaves, piyaz, purslane salad, mushroom salad, carrot tarator, and you will want to eat it as you go.

Buyukada appetizers do not end with counting. Especially in summer, when you knock on the doors of restaurants on the beach, they can even offer you appetizers that you have never encountered before. You will have dozens of options, from fresh livers cooked with olive oil, onions, dill and little soy, to fava beans with onions and dill. Fresh appetizers with plenty of ingredients will make your evenings on the island more delicious and unforgettable.

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